Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist Program

In United States, 35 schools offer the Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist program in graduate level courses. The average graduate tuition & fees for the schools is $21,910. The average annual age after completing Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist program is $43,553.

2020 Average Graduate Tuition for Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist Programs

Total 35 graduate schools offer the Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist programs. Its average gradaute tuition & fees is $21,910. In public schools, the tuition & fees is $12,721 for State residents and $23,092 for out-of-state students. In private schools the costs for the Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist graduate program is $20,552.
2020 Graduate Tuition & Fees of Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist programs
Graduate Tuition & Fees
In-State (public schools)$12,721
Out-of-State (public schools)$23,092
Private schools$20,552

What is Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist Program?

Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist is A program that prepares individuals to apply the principles of dietetics and the biomedical and nutrition sciences to design and manage effective nutrition programs as part of clinical treatment and therapy programs, and to manage health care facility food services. Includes instruction in human nutrition, nutrient metabolism, the role of foods and nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention, nutrition as a treatment regime, planning and directing hospital food service programs, diet and nutrition analysis and planning, supervision of food storage and preparation, special diets, client education, and professional standards and regulations.

Average Income after Completing Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist Program

The annual average wage after completing Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist is $43,553 and hourly 20.94. This statistics is based on the employment and wage data (May 2019) from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Next table shows the possible occupation and job list with average income having Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist degree/certificate.
Average Income after completing Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist Program
Occupation/Job TitleHourly WageAnnul Wage
Dietitians and Nutritionists$29.97$62,330
Dietitians and Nutritionists$29.97$62,330
Surgical Technologists$24.09$50,110
Ophthalmic Medical Technicians$18.64$38,760
Health Practitioner Support Technologists and Technicians$18.17$37,800
Psychiatric Technicians$18.05$37,550
Veterinary Technologists and Technicians$17.63$36,670
Pharmacy Technicians$16.95$35,250
Dietetic Technicians$14.99$31,180

Graduate Schools Offering Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist program

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Public, 4 years
Birmingham, AL

Graduate Tuition: $19,188
Graduate Population: 8,087
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Loma Linda University

Private, 4 years
Loma Linda, CA

Graduate Tuition: $28,652
Graduate Population: 3,256
View School

Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale

Private, 4 years
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Graduate Tuition: $26,164
Graduate Population: 1,618
View School

University of Miami

Private, 4 years
Coral Gables, FL

Graduate Tuition: $38,908
Graduate Population: 6,214
View School

University of North Florida

Public, 4 years
Jacksonville, FL

Graduate Tuition: $22,396
Graduate Population: 2,193
View School

Life University

Private, 4 years
Marietta, GA

Graduate Tuition: $9,158
Graduate Population: 1,848
View School

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

Private, 4 years
North Chicago, IL

Graduate Tuition: $33,741
Graduate Population: 2,121
View School

University of Iowa

Public, 4 years
Iowa City, IA

Graduate Tuition: $30,613
Graduate Population: 7,667
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Maryland University of Integrative Health

Private, 4 years
Laurel, MD

Graduate Tuition: $20,465
Graduate Population: 1,065
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Grand Valley State University

Public, 4 years
Allendale, MI

Graduate Tuition: $17,208
Graduate Population: 2,997
View School

Concordia College at Moorhead

Private, 4 years
Moorhead, MN

Graduate Population: 32
View School

Northwestern Health Sciences University

Private, 4 years
Bloomington, MN

Graduate Tuition: $12,348
Graduate Population: 712
View School

Logan University

Private, 4 years
Chesterfield, MO

Graduate Tuition: $10,000
Graduate Population: 1,379
View School

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Public, 4 years
New Brunswick, NJ

Graduate Tuition: $32,391
Graduate Population: 14,215
View School

Adelphi University

Private, 4 years
Garden City, NY

Graduate Tuition: $43,420
Graduate Population: 2,755
View School

Long Island University

Private, 4 years
Brookville, NY

Graduate Tuition: $23,440
Graduate Population: 5,278
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New York Chiropractic College

Private, 4 years
Seneca Falls, NY

Graduate Tuition: $16,880
Graduate Population: 895
View School

University at Buffalo

Public, 4 years
Buffalo, NY

Graduate Tuition: $25,920
Graduate Population: 9,896
View School

Stony Brook University

Public, 4 years
Stony Brook, NY

Graduate Tuition: $25,348
Graduate Population: 8,734
View School

SUNY Oneonta

Public, 4 years
Oneonta, NY

Graduate Tuition: $24,287
Graduate Population: 497
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