Online Graduate Enrollment in Colorado

For academic year 2021-2022, in Colorado gradaute schools, total 24,904 graduate students enrolled online exclusively out of total 61,101 enrolled graduate students. (40.76%). In addition, 10,428 students took some online courses. 25,769 students took only on-campus classes for their degrees at Colorado graduate schools. Next table shows the 2022 graduate students population for online learning by State.
Graduate Student Population Enrolled Online Exclusively at Colorado graduate schools (2021-2022)
Number of Students
Total Number of Students61,101
Enrolled Online Exclusively24,904 (40.76%)
Enrolled Some Online Classes10,428 (17.07%)
Not Enrolled in Online Classes25,769 (42.17%)

Online Student Population by Enrolled Student location in Colorado

For academic year 2021-2022, of the 61,101 enrolled students online exclusively in Colorado graduate schools, 10,561 were Lives in Colorado (42.41%), 13,493 were Lives NOT in Colorado (54.18%), 82 were State Unknown (0.33%), 763 were Outside U.S. (3.06%), and 5 were Not Reported (0.02%). Next table shows the 2022 online graduate school students population by student residency.
Online Graduate School Enrollment by Student Residency in Colorado (2021-2022)
Number of Students
Total Student Enrolled Online Exclusively24,904 (40.76%)
Lives in Colorado10,561 (17.28%)
Lives NOT in Colorado13,493 (22.08%)
State Unknown82 (0.13%)
Outside U.S.763 (1.25%)
Not Reported5 (0.01%)
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