Mount Marty vs. NSU

Compare two graduate schools with tuition, enrollment, programs, and more academic characteristics.

Mount Martyvs.NSU

Mount Marty is a private school while NSU is a public school. Both schools are located in South Dakota.
  • NSU Graduate School has more expensive graduate school tuition of $11,936 than Mount Marty Graduate School ($9,650).
  • NSU Graduate School is larger with 442 graduate students than Mount Marty Graduate School (182 students).
  • NSU Graduate School is more graduate programs of 10 programs than Mount Marty Graduate School (7 programs).
Mount Marty Graduate School
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NSU Graduate School
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#8 in South Dakota
Rankings#5 in South Dakota
Private, 4 yearsSchool TypePublic, 4 years
Yankton, SDLocationAberdeen, SD
$35Graduate School Application Fee$35
Master's College and University (smaller programs)Carnegie ClassificationMaster's College and University (smaller programs)
Doctorate (Professional Practice)
Post-Master Certificate
Offered Graduate DegreesMaster's
Post-Bachelor Certificate
7 ProgramsNumber of Graduate Programs10 Programs
Number of Online Graduate Programs4 Programs
Tuition & Fees
$9,650Average Graduate Programs$6,736 South Dakota residents
$11,936 out-of-state
Student Population
1,044Total Students3,493
182Graduate Enrollment442
1Online Graduate Enrollment332
Special Learning Opportunities and Student Services
Online Course (may not Degree Program) Offered for Both Undergraduate and GraduateDistance Learning (Online Classes)Online Degree/Certificate Program Offered for Both Undergraduate and Graduate
Teacher Certifiate
Special OpportunitiesStudy Abroad
Teacher Certifiate
✔ (Dormitory Capacity: 361)On-Campus Living✔ (Dormitory Capacity: 853)
$3,706 average annual costs
✔ (19 meals per week)Meal PlanNot offered or not Reported
Faculties and Staffs
13 to 1Students to Faculty Ratio21 to 1
43 Full-time
59 Part-time
Number of Faculties91 Full-time
11 Part-time
113 Full-time
88 Part-time
Number of Staffs347 Full-time
32 Part-time
$58,781 for Faculties
$47,414 Part-time
Average Salary$65,172 for Faculties
$49,864 Part-time
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